Volume XI, April 2009

A Message from the Editor
Editorial Board

Michael Coppola
Gendered Kings, Epic Contexts: Shakespeare’s Lancastrian Tetralogy

Laura Enderle
Defining Heteroglossia: Psychological Dysfunction and the Dialogism of the Testimonial Pastiche in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace

John Silver
“Still Through the Hawthorne Blows the Cold Wind”: Edgar in King Lear: The Travels and Travails of the Once and Future King

Genevieve Faust
The Piano: Defining the “National”

Nicole L. Pfeiffer
Between Christianity and Capitalism: Protestant Mission Work in Cuba Following the Spanish-American War

Todd Ellis Stoner
Perpetuating Inequality: The United States Since the 1970s and the Role of the Nonprofit Industrial Complex

Ashley Reichelmann
The Layers Within Her: An Ethnographic Study of the Development of a Holocaust Survivor’s Voice

Scott Blair
Answers for Milinda: Hellenistic Influence on the Development of Gandharan Buddhism

Heather McGowan and Elizabeth Beck
A Qualitative Investigation of Middle Siblings

Jessica T. Wong
Spatial Abilities and Performance in Robot Navigation

Sara L. Jackrel
Habitat Use by Nesting Grassland Birds and Their Snake Predators in the Tallgrass Prairie

Steven Steinway
In Silico Retrieval and Cataloguing of Genbank DNA Sequences Adjacent to Interspersed Repetitive Elements

Sarah Mensa-Kwao and Ekaterina Tymofyeyeva
Optical Tweezers: The Power of Light

Emily Miller and Scott Ladenheim
Higher Order Tensor Operations and Their Applications

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work