Style and Format Instructions

To be published, all manuscripts and abstracts must include:

  1. A complete, typed “Submission Identification and Faculty Sponsorship Form and Submission Checklist.” Submissions without this form or with an incomplete form will not be published.
  2. A “soft” copy of the manuscript or conference abstract on a new, never before used Compact Disk or flash drive, labeled with the student’s full name, title of submission, campus and home telephone numbers, and email address. Computer files submitted as attachments to email correspondence will not be accepted.
  3. Three “hard” copies of the final version of the manuscript or conference abstract printed directly from the compact disk or flash drive above.  The hard copy must match the soft copy exactly.

Publication Requirements for Article Manuscripts

  1. All manuscripts must be written in the style appropriate to the discipline they represent (e.g. APA style, MLA style, etc.). One exception: notes should be listed at the end of the manuscript, not at the bottom of the page, regardless of the style.
  2. All manuscripts and abstracts must be word-processed using Microsoft Word 1997-2003 for Windows, double-spaced, Book Antiqua font, 12-point for text, and 14-point headers.
  3. The student author and faculty sponsor are responsible for obtaining copyright permission for any protected material included in either manuscripts or conference abstract (e.g., figure reproductions from previously published work, extended quotations, etc.). Work will not be published if there is any indication that copyright law has been violated. Full information regarding copyright law is available from the Reference Desk at TCNJ Library.
    Manuscripts must be not longer than 20 double-spaced typed pages, excluding references and footnotes. Failure to adhere to this guideline could in itself result in rejection of your manuscript. (Exceptions to the page limit will be considered in special cases, at the discretion of the editor.)
  4. Figures and tables in article manuscripts should adhere to the following requirements:
    1. The number of tables and figures is limited to 5. In some cases many small figures may be necessary; these should be aggregated into one big figure. For instance, in chemistry it is often necessary to include several schemes. The author should include several schemes in one figure. Figures and tables should appear at their appropriate position in the manuscript.  Figure and table pages are not included in the page limit count.
      All tables MUST be formatted as a Word 1997-2003 table. Do not use “tabs” or the space bar to create column spacing in tables. Idiosyncratic formatting methods could result in rejection of the manuscript.
    2. Figures should be formatted as a Word 1997-2003 picture or object. In cases where this is impossible (e.g. NMR spectra), figures must be included in “camera ready” form.

Preparation Instructions for Conference Abstracts

  1. Conference abstracts must contain the exact wording as the abstract submitted to the sponsoring organization and must include the name, date, and location of the professional meeting at which the work was presented.  For formatting of abstracts, please consult prior online editions of the journal.
    In no case can the abstract be longer than 300 words.
  2. All abstracts must be word-processed using Microsoft Word for 1997-2003 Windows, double-spaced, Book Antiqua font, 12-point for text, and 14-point for headers.

Instructions for Submission and Preparation of a Bibliographic Listing

  1. Submit a typed citation in the following format: Authors’ names (last name, first initial; student names underlined), date (in parentheses), title of article, title of journal or book (underlined), volume #, pages.  For formatting of bibliographic listing, please consult prior online editions of the journal.
  2. Include phone and e-mail contact information on the sheet with the citation.

Questions and other Information

Please direct questions regarding these instructions or about The Journal of Student Scholarship to Prof. David Venturo at

Send Submissions via Campus Mail (receipt date Monday, November 25, 2019) or US Mail (postmark date Monday, November 25, 2019) to:

Prof. David Venturo, Department of English, Editor, The College of New Jersey Journal of Student Scholarship, The College of New Jersey, (include 2000 Pennington Rd. for overnight mail or FEDEX), PO Box 7718, Ewing, NJ 08628-0718.