Volume XVIII, April 2016

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Jack Werner
Evocative Mythology: Constructing Reagan the Cold Warrior in Public Memory, 1980- 2012

Lana Rahal
The Healing Capabilities of Language in Post-Memory and Trauma

Samuel Nemeth
The Restoration, Reaction, and Revolution: Berlioz’s Requiem as a Product of the French Outlook on Religion and Romantic Ideals

Joseph Pagani
The Harp as Leitmotif: The Expression of Freudian Ideas and Femininity in Salome by Richard Strauss

Deborah Fade
Exposing the Voice of Truth: A Psychological Profile of John Lennon

Susan Pereny
Two Out of One: An Exploration of Gender in Same-Sex Schools Within Classical Literature

Albert C. Cavallero*
Western (Mis)perceptions of Tsar Ivan IV Vasilevich the “Terrible”: Depictions of Ivan IV’s Reign by Western Writers from the 16th to the 21st Century Alongside 16thCentury Works of Western European Political Thought

Wambui Gilbert
The Media Effect: An Evolution in Form and Function Across Three Pivotal Periods

Kristin Dell’Armo
Kidsbridge Differing Abilities Room: The Effectiveness of an Intervention on Attitudes Toward Different Disability Types

Naina Iyengar and Andrew DeMaria
Iterative Contact Electrode Design For Efficient Neural Stimulation

Sundeep Gidugu
The Role of CYP72A13 in Arabidopsis thaliana Stress Response

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work

*Winner of the 2016 Hoffman Prize