Volume XIX, April 2017

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Jennifer Teets
Do College Athletes Frequently Misuse Alcohol? Examining the Effects of Sports on Drinking

Tom Kozlowski
Making Heaven From a Heartless World: Marx and Human Emancipation

Amit Manjunath
Privatization: The Downfall of the British National Health Service

Emily Ruhl
Serving Two Worlds: The Devadāsī of Tamilnadu in Religion and Society

Lucy Obozintsev
Stereotypes and Sisterhood: An Ethnographic Study of Greek Life at the College of New Jersey

Alessandra Testa*
Gazes of Race, Immigration, and Hegemony in Io Sto con la Sposa (On the Bride’s Side) and Come un Uomo sulla Terra (Like a Man on the Earth)

Alexa R. Greenstein
Dementia and Driving: Ethics and the Law

Kenneth Estrada
I Spy with My Little Eye: A Mammy: The Presence of Nineteenth-Century Black Stereotypes in Contemporary Visual Media

Jennie Sekanics
The Predetermined Deterioration of the Female Body in Zola’s Nana

Matthew Sandor
A Geospatial Analysis of the Effect of Block-Level Characteristics on the Distribution of Domestic Burglary

Michael J. Wolek, Jaclyn A. Cika, and Richard W. Kriwacki
Multivalent Electrostatic Interactions and Autoinhibition Underlie Phase Separation of NPM1 with R-Rich Nucleolar Protein Surf6

Corrado Ballaera (Research Conducted by Jaylond Cotton-Martin and Corrado
Utilizing a 4-F Fourier Optical System to Learn More About Image Filtering

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work

*Winner of the 2017 Hoffman Prize
^Runner up of the 2017 Hoffman Prize