Volume XIV, April 2012

A Message from the Editor
Editorial Board

Andrea G. Ortu
Wars of Choice: Motives and Justifications in the Vietnam and Iraq Wars

Riksum Kazi
From African Slave to Deccani Military and Political Leader: Examining Malik Ambar’s
Life and Legacy

Ravi Shah
Changes in Indic Subcontinental Religious Dogma, Practice, and Worship: Tracing
Catalysts of the Mauryan and Gupta Eras

Rishi Malhotra
Heterosexual Androgyny, Queer Hypermasculinity, and Heteronormative Influence in the
Music of Freddie Mercury and Queen

Roger Shan
George Martin’s Role in the Beatles’ Music

Esther Tetruashvily
A Moral Dilemma: Evaluating the Reader as a Representation of the Holocaust

Jessica Cortese, Yasmil Djerbal, and Julie Anne Garretson
Third World Feminism: Finding Solidarity in the Global Market

Alexandra Emr
Understanding Complicated Grief from the Perspective of Local Community
Bereavement Facilitators and Emerging Adults on a College Campus

Lauren Zerillo
The Face of Character: Encouraging Morality in Children by Confronting Bullying
Through Character Education

Jumana Jaloudi
Does Alcohol Binge Drinking Affect Liver Functions?

Jerome Balbin
An Analysis of the New York Presbyterian Hospital (NYPH) Community Partnership
Model (CPM) of Northern Manhattan: How Does It Compare to New York State (NYS)
and to the United States (U.S.) Legislations? How Efficient Is This Health Delivery

Christian Schmitt
A Radial Velocity Analysis of the Binary Star Tu Muscae

Daniel Silano
Binary Star Modeling: A Computational Approach

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed
Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work