Volume XXV, April 2023

A Message from the Editor


Lucy Fleischmann
An Opportunity for Unity: Jewish and Black Experience in Trenton

Michael Trerotola
It’s “Giving Cher”: Gay Identity, Diva Worship, and Music

Kathryn Zierold
“Each Body is a Shout”: Metaphor and the Female Body in Charlotte Delbo’s Auschwitz and After

Kathleen Van Pelt
LOL or ISA: How Social Media Funds State-Sponsored Capitalism

Jessica Abolafia
Breaking the Silence and the Shackles: The Incarcerated Finding Emancipation Through the Written Word

Rehat Singh
The Erasure of Indian Immigrant Women in the U.S. Carceral State

Kaitlyn Dibsie
The Effectiveness of Prison Dog Programs on the Mental Health and Recidivism Rates of Inmates

Mikayla Miller
Maternal Responsiveness: A Potential Mediator for Associations Among Maternal Depression, Low Socioeconomic Status, and Negative Infant Language Development

Emily B. Garron*
A Natural Experiment Testing the Importance of Crowds for the Home Advantage in Sports

Rhea Amonkar, Alisa Pallitto, Gabriela Salmeron
An Epidemiological Report on Lyme Disease

Isabella Ciccone, Abigail Parker
Prevalence of Asthma According to Wildfires in California: A Cross-Sectional Secondary Data Study

Nataline Elmasri
Trends in COVID-19 Cases at New Jersey Residential Colleges

Hanna Batchelder
Think Outside the Block: Blockchain Application in the Auditing Process

Bryan A. Remache-Patino, Lewis J. Mora
Using Pre-existing Infrastructure to Create a Novel Signal Performance Measure

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work

*Winner of the 2023 Hoffman Prize