Volume X, April 2008

A Message from the Editor
Editorial Board

Michael Coppola
“Hand in Hand’: Homophobia, Xenophobia, and Patriarchal Pedagogy in The Sign of Four

Heather Mount
Judith: A Rhetoric of Hybridity

Dan Pieraccini
Inedible Women: Carrollian Identity Crisis in The Edible Woman

Morgan Rosser
Evil? No Problem: Theodicy and Epistemology in Milton’s Paradise Lost and Pope’s An Essay on Man

Jenna Dodenhoff
“A Dangerous Kind”: Domestic Violence and the Victorian Middle Class

Robin Fried
Liturgy in the Czech Vernacular From Early To Late Middle Ages

Sean Marotta
Stone, Trees, and Standing

Chad Looney
Violence in African Petrol States

Michael Cirillo and Thomas Smith
The Development of a Biographical Inventory for Use in the Prediction of First-Year College Success

Drew D’Amore
Social Awareness as an Indicator of Self-Awareness: The Mead-Cooley Model and Research Methodology in Nonhuman Primates

Diana Tolbert
Online Mentoring and Pre-Service Elementary Teachers’ Confidence to Teach Mathematics and Science

Brian Corbett
Trade-Offs Between Reproduction and Thorn Production in Rosa Multiflora

Christine Mullin
Spectral Karyotyping (SKY) Establishes Chromosomal Homologies Between a New World Monkey (Pithecia Pithecia) and Humans (Homo Sapiens)

Purak Parikh
The Role of Neural Circuitry in Assessing the Value of Social Information

Conference Proceedings—Abstracts of Student-Authored Papers Presented at Refereed Conferences and Bibliographic Citations of Published Work