In 1998, The College of New Jersey published the first annual issue of The Journal of Student Scholarship. It was created out of a belief that some of the exceptional work done by undergraduates at the College should be shared among members of the campus community and beyond. Our mission statement at TCNJ speaks of the “transformative power of education” and describes our goal as preparing “students to excel in their chosen fields and to create, preserve, and transmit knowledge, arts, and wisdom.” The Journal provides us the chance to showcase and celebrate the accomplishments of our students and, we trust, to show in clear ways how our goal is being met.

For its first eight issues, the Journal was limited to a print run of 1,500 copies each year. Now taking advantage of the internet, we have decided that the Journal should go electronic. This new format not only allows the widest possible access for readers, but it offers new features such as color charts and pictures replacing the black and white of former issues. In addition, we are making available archived copies of all issues of the Journal, so that readers can see not only what students are doing now, but also the strong tradition of academic excellence at TCNJ.

I welcome to this new site our student scholars and their faculty mentors; all students, faculty, and staff of the College; alumni and friends of the College; and others who are curious about the work being done at The College of New Jersey.

Nancy Freudenthal

Assistant Provost
The College of New Jersey